Mike Diva

[MASHUP] Mike « Diva » Dahlquist – Grindhouse Megamix

Grindhouse Megamix est un mashup regroupant différents extraits de vieux films sur bande son électro. « Full Moon Features » gave me 50 grindhouse movies from their awesome collection to make a video with. This is what came out… If u dig the video, you can watch all the full length features here > http://www.grindhouseflix.com Credits Directed […]

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[CLIP] Mike « Diva » Dahlquist – BFD (Director’s cut)

Download the track free > https://soundcloud.com/mikediva/bfd-1 Credits: Remastered and mixed by Dat Beat : SoundCloud – Twitter – Facebook edited by Zack Suprenant and Mike Diva VFX by Mike Diva, Gloo studios, and Zack Suprenant player soundclound Mike Diva Site > http://mikedahlquist.com Flux RSS > http://mikedahlquist.com/?feed=rss SoundCloud > https://soundcloud.com/mikediva Twitter > http://www.twitter.com/mikediva YouTube > http://www.youtube.com/user/MikeDiva […]

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