Highland Park

Le tracteur next-gen by Valtra

Voici la vidéo que l’Union des producteurs agricoles devrait montrer pour convaincre les fils et filles de fermiers qui hésitent à prendre la succession des fermes familiales québécoises. […] Valtra is celebrating its 60th anniversary by looking into the future. Building on the tradition of innovation and customization for which Valtra is renowned, we proudly […]

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Frank Fairfield

Frank Fairfield « Poor Ellen Smith » Frank Fairfield « Sweet Milky Peaches » & « Darling True Love » From the video series « CANYON ». Series of Frank Fairfield Live Acoustic Performances. This song was shot in the hills of Highland Park in Los Angeles, CA. November was beautiful in southern California; Frank Fairfield’s vocals and instrumentation wonderful as he performed […]

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