Jour : 9 janvier 2011

Realfiction 3D holographic illusion

Realfiction 3D holographic illusion display for coca cola. viewable from 200 degree. With a combination of a real Cola bottel and a virtual 3D film. Videoarchitecture created by Realfiction Product launch event for Samsung 3D television 2010. In the video you will see a DreamocXL, a 3D holographic illusion & stage designed by RealFiction RealFiction […]

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Timelapse Inspiration #12

Whistler Time from David McColm « Whistler Time » is a work in progress – I expect to complete it by the end of 2011. And while the completed version of the film will look and sound quite different than what you « see » here, hopefully you get a small taste of this magical place of Whistler, BC. […]

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