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J’ai beau voir beacoup de timelapse à longueur de semaines, je trouve ça toujours aussi magique et fascinant. Voici les timelapse d’Andrew Walker. Il nous vient de Los Angeles et ça fait 7 ans qu’il fait ce travail. Pas mal des vidéos qui vont suivre sont tournée avec DSLRs et du RED Epic. Vous allez vraiment en prendre plein la vue.

Nettoyez vos écrans, attendez que le cache soit bien charger à fond, regarder chaque vidéo en 1080p/HD au minimum.



1 – Journey Part 1

This timelapse video is a collection of footage shot over the last year and a half around the western half of the United States. The shots ranged from very different locations. From Montana to Arizona and most weren’t easy to get to but of course that makes them worth going to. The locations captured ranged in temps of 100 degrees to -9 degrees and in elevations of 12,000 feet to 225 feet below sea level. It took over 15,000 captured still images to make this video.

There will be a follow up video to this one that will cover the urban aspect.


2 – Pathfinder – Iceland

Shot these timelapses while traveling around Iceland for 17 days during some of the longest days of the year in June. Almost 4,000 miles were traveled while driving around the island. Had to cross a couple small rivers in some areas and in others were turned away because the rivers were too crazy for the SUV we were driving. It was a journey through some amazing landscape that varied from beautiful to almost nightmarish. That was the magic of Iceland.

The gear used was the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero rig using the MX2 controller along with a prototype nano moco module. Also used an eMotimo TB3 for a lot of shots. 2 Canon 5D Mark III cameras along with a RED Epic were used to shoot the footage.

Music: The song is From « The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo » soundtrack


3 – Emotimo Timelapse

Here are a couple test shots that I’ve done using the Emotimo TB3 over the last week. All the moves were shot in SMS and that’s usually not the way I shoot timelapse. But I wanted to give it a try. The Emotimo was super easy to setup for a shot and the 3-point move firmware is pretty awesome. Way smoother than I thought it would have been. Plus the unit is super light and nice to walk around with. For the dolling shots I used the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero setup and it worked pretty good. Just had to buy and extra motor and motor mount from Emotimo to make it work right.

For DSLR timelapse the Emotimo with the DP Stage Zero is a really good combination.


4 – Epic in LA

This timelapse was shot using the RED Epic X with the Canon mount. I used the Kessler Shuttle Pod along with the Cineslider for the moves. The Pan/Tilt was done using the Dynamic Perception MX2 controller with a motorized telescope head.

  • The lenses used where the following: Canon 14mm 2.8L / Canon 16-35mm 2.8L II / Canon 24mm 1.4L II / Canon 70-200mm 2.8L II / Canon 800mm 5.6L / Canon 2x TC III
  • Music: « Oh My Love » from the Drive Soundtrack


A.Walker  à également réaliser une série de plusieurs timelapse (à voir absolument) :


Andrew Walker –Stock footage created by Andrew Walker is licensed under the 599 Productions name and is currently being represented by Getty Images, Corbis Motion, Art Beats and Nimia.-


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