[Musique] Tim Armstrong (Rancid) – Learn To Say F**k You / Sol LeWitt

Tim Armstrong (Rancid) continue toujours sa saga de compos personnel. Une par jour (presquue), autant vous dire qu’il travaille comme un vrai putain d’artiste et s’occupe également de la promo via YouTube, Twitter etc.

Voici aujourd’hui, « Learn To Say F**k You / Sol LeWitt » :

In 1965, Sol LeWitt wrote fellow sculptor Eva Hesse a four-page letter of encouragement, urging her to stop doubting herself and to simply continue making her work. Despite the fact that some would consider their friendship unlikely, the two sculptors were close friends and wrote to each other frequently about their ideas, work, and personal lives from 1960 until Hesse’s death ten years later. Often quoted, LeWitt’s letter has become a source of inspiration and a vote of confidence for many artists the world over. Producer Aaron Rose (Beautiful Losers, Become a Microscope) worked with punk rock band Rancid to remake LeWitt’s words into a bold and boisterous song. With wild and wavy LeWitt-inspired animation, this video energetically embodies the message of its writer.

Read the original letter in full > http://blog.art21.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/sol-eva-letter.pdf

Learn_To_Say_Fuck_You_-_So_ LeWitt_-_Tim_Armstrong

In keeping with our tradition of unlikely bedfellows this is our latest film in the Lyric Video series. This project started with Tim Armstrong taking the text, and reconfiguring it into a formal song structure with verses, bridges and a chorus. He then put together a group of his talented musician friends and let it rip in the studio. Once the song was done, Filmmaker Aaron Rose researched specific works of LeWitt’s that would animate well and passed them off to animator/director Thomas McMahan to set them in motion. The end result is a lyric video like none other.

A true testament to the brilliance of Sol LeWitt, sent through a 21st Century filter to create something that resonates as strongly today as the original works did when they were created.


  • Filmmakers: Aaron Rose & Thomas McMahan
  • Additional Animators: Thomas McMahan, Aaron Bjork, Eugene Goryachev, Dave Drage
  • Music: Tim Armstrong



Tim Armstrong (aka Tim Tinebomb)

via Tim Tinebomb

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