T.F.I Friday (HD)

T.F.I Friday from ße ?ell 😉 on Vimeo.

T.F.I Friday is a time lapse study of some of London’s Commuters taken over a period of around four weeks; every Friday at around the same time. This project started on Friday 28th May 2010, the last Friday of the month just before the Bank Holiday weekend. Typically, a big rush for most people to get to their destinations.

Music is provided with kind permission from http://www.mobygratis.com/film-music.html

Thanks goes to:

  • Moby for providing the sound track: Swear
  • Network Rail and British Transport Police for permission to photograph in Liverpool Street Station.
  • London’s Metropolitan Police for the cheery wave.
  • And finally, to all of London’s Commuters who feature in this video.

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