Nada Surf – Jules and Jim

Voici “Jules and Jim“ le trosième clip du groupe Nada surf, extrait de leur tout dernier album The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy.

Le mot du groupe:

Nada Surf: The music video for the song Jules and Jim was filmed over the span of several months on location in Arch Cape, Oregon and inside a historic house in Providence, Rhode Island. It gently alludes to the classic French New Wave film of the same name. The video brings you into the dreamlike world of three characters who are both intertwined and isolated and into three different worlds which are also intertwined and yet isolated. The different perspectives of both the three characters and the three worlds seek to evoke the ever changing feelings and roller coaster ride that comes from being a rational being crazy in love – desire, jealousy, security, ecstasy, sadness, beauty and the like, and yet to be able to see clearly outside ones own feelings. The sets are either actual outdoor settings or were composed from organic materials and found objects. The characters were made from found objects, wire, and Sculpey.

The film was directed, animated and edited by Rachel Chaiya Blumberg. This is her second music video. In addition to film making she is also a painter and a musician.

+Bonus : version live (LIVE on Exclaim! TV)

Nada Surf 

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