[SFM] Practical Problems

Un employé de Bioware (tchut tchut pas de nom), qui taf’ sur les cinématiques maison, a réalisé ce court-métrage : Practical Problems.

Le tout en utilisant Source Filmmaker (le logiciel gratuit du studio Valve). Le bonhomme à quand même passer plus de 130H dessus (ah bah oui ma brave dame), mais le résultat est vraiment cartoon, comme Team Fortress²; et nous aimons vraiment ça 😉

Le mot de l’auteur: « I’m setting up a new stock map TF2 server. Feel free to come join and bring your friends. . Thanks to everyone for the great feedback and comments from the various places this has been circulating around. It means a lot. At this rate i’ll be jumping back into SFM soon to explore some other ideas I had.

Long time no see YouTube. As many of you may know I’ve been pretty busy as of late. But after getting an infected foot I had a bit of free time. I had a plan to do this video since TF2 first came out but I wanted to wait for Source Filmmaker to go official. 130 hours in SFM and Hammer later, here it is. As my foot healed I was getting less and less time to work on it. So I got it to a point where I was happy and just shut it down.

It has it’s flaws but it was a case of release now or never. The animation work i did is pretty janky, i’m still learning a lot of this. Most of it is kinect mo cap of myself and Zach. I barely touched it afterwards for clean up, mostly only the head and hands. I’d like to mention here seeing as there are some assumptions about my work. I am not an animator by profession. Nor do I clean up mo cap. So this is my first rushed attempt at both.

I Still play TF2 quite a bit, always a demoman. »


  • Making-of > http://youtu.be/-IdvqHhXPwg
  • Music > http://youtu.be/Le4_YYSo_Vk or [ilink url= »https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14573214/09_Any_Trash_Professor_Abacus___Inst.mp3″ style= »download »]Download[/ilink]
  • 1080p wallpaper renders > http://goo.gl/qXwGO or [ilink url= »http://www.monkeyjunkie.co.uk/PracticalProblems/Practical%20Problems%20Images.zip » style= »download »]Download[/ilink]

Monkey Junkie

Source : Allociné & Source Filmmaker

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