United Visual Artists – Speed of Lights


The Speed of Light by UVA from yatzer on Vimeo.

[…] The Speed of Light by UVA
text by Apostolos Mitsios for Yatzer

Never a single name said more of its owner than UVA. United Visual Artists, founded by Chris Bird, Matt Clark and Ash Nehru in 2003, are a design and architecture collective based in London, specialized in architectural and responsive installations, live performance and public art. Their strong point is their work with light and space that is truly original and deeply emotive. It is not a matter of chance that their trajectory is more than impressive since they have made tour visuals for Massive Attack, U2, UNKLE and The Chemical Brothers, installations for the Victoria & Albert Museum and fashion show light visuals for Y-3 and Vivienne Westwood.[…]

United Visual Artists (UVA) – video by James Medcraft,
© United Visual Artists 2010, uva.co.uk

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