Three lives, three identities, three points of view. Set against the harsh backdrop of inner city London, Fear/Love interweaves the lives of three adolescents as they struggle with who they are, who they want to be and who they are becoming.

  • Directed, Written and Edited by Rob Chiu.
  • Produced by Lincoln Waldron. DoP Paul O’Callaghan.
  • Graded by Jamie Wilkinson @ The Mill NYC.
  • Soundtrack by Ben Lukas Boysen + Lucio Amanti.
  • Casting by Susana Santos.
  • Starring Lani Jackson, Fraser Everitt & Anthony Edwards.
  • Produced for the ‘I Care Revolution’. http://www.icarerevolution.com

Une vidéo à regardez attentivement du début jusqu’à la fin.

source: Vimeo

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