MOKSHA – Take this smile

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DIRECTOR: Dejan Ilic (Explanations of this footage below)// A word from the director Dejan Ilic:

« I want to tell you some details, it’s really about how a man comes to transcendence through suffering and drugs … It’s a metaphor illustrating the antechamber of death … In the end the guy is FREE indeed in his mind ….and reached MOKSHA ! That is a real ILLUMINATION ! It’s very positive ! Girls are drugs ! The beatings are necessary to « know yourself » and to up your conscience…It’s not a simple provocation…it’ s a vision of Death ! « 


  • Director : Dejan Ilic
  • Cinematographer : Chris CB
  • Camera Opérator : Dejan Ilic, Chris CB, Dan Bronchinson
  • Makeup : Emma Franco
  • Smoke operatore : Pablo Mengin

Casting :

  • Tortured man : Nikola Miocic
  • Executioner / Torturer : Dan Bronchinson
  • First woman : Aurélia Mengin
  • Second woman : Anaïs Colucci
  • Third woman : Noémie Bousquainaud

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