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Tim Timebomb’s : ROCKNROLL THEATER est une websérie de Tim Armstrong (du groupe RANCID) diffusé sur VEVO, depuis le 21 Octobre 2011 en l’honneur de la fête d’Halloween, et le résultat est tout simplement grandiose dans tout les sens du terme. J’ai compilé les épisodes en une playlist chronologique (y’a pas de quoi)


RocknRoll Theater is 100% DIY

  • Le mot de l’auteur (Tom Armstrong) :

I’m excited to fill everyone in on how it all started.This project came out of my love for making music with my friends.I had the desire to create a show with songs and stories based on my
love of horror films, and classic anthology tv shows, like The Twilight Zone by Rod Serling, and Boris Karloff’s Thriller. Lars Frederiksen, my brother in Rancid who is an amazing performer,plays the lead role in episode one, “Dante”. Davey Havok, who I’ve known and been a fan of since he was a teenager, plays the antagonist. Fishbone and Robert David Hall also appear.

ROCKNROLL THEATER is a collective of friends, band mates, visual artists, writers, actors, film makers, singers, and musicians, who all share the same passion as me.
It’s been a blast working on ROCKNROLL THEATER. I can’t wait for you to see each episode as they roll out.


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