A Short Film About Penguins

Ben Grubb : « I have recently returned from a trip to South Africa. It was primarily a bouldering trip, but we did spend a few days in Cape Town at the start doing some touristy stuff, one of which was to visit a couple of Penguin colonies! We got a bit lucky with the first (Stony Point Colony at Betty’s Bay), as we literally saw the sign for it at the last minute while driving and decided to give it a go! It turned out to be a great move, and we got to spend a while wandering around watching the Penguins close up.

The second visit (to Boulders Beach Colony) was a bit more planned, and we stopped by while driving along the coast (and narrowly avoiding the rain!). Both places were really excellent though, and if you like Penguins and are in the area, they’re definitely worth a visit! »

Also, huge thanks to Ben for the loan of the Canon EOS 7D for the trip! It was great!

  • Hardware: Canon EOS 7D – Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM – 27″ Apple iMac
  • Software:  Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
  • Music > RJD2 – Ghostwriter < http://www.rjd2.net >

Ben Grubb


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