Timelapse Inspiration #24

Flathead Lake 4th of July 2011

« A short film that summarizes the 4th of July weekend with some of my family and friends in a remote paradise called Polson, MT. Thanks to everyone who made this trip one to remember. »

Cottonwood Lakes to Mt. Whitney

« Making route from Cottonwood Lakes to the summit of Mount Whitney–the highest point in the contiguous United States–was one of my toughest challenges in my life. »

Music > IWFYLS – Sleep

Sheldon Neill

Untitled Time-lapse Project – Trailer from Luke Humphrey

A rough idea of my time in the mountains soaking up the natural world. Still learning/experimenting/refining, but excited about the possibilities. This video will highlight the best of the images I’ve captured over the last 2 years. Some of the new stuff is def. a work in progress, will refine/replace/cut as I get more footage. When I finish the final video I’ll include a lot of « lessons learned ».

Equipment: Using a 5D MKII, various lenses, and the Kessler Oracle controller. Music is another track from the sublime Animal Kingdom soundtrack (Antony Partos).

by toni_ales

Timelapse con técnica TiltShift de la ciudad de Barcelona

A Year in Timelapse from Adonis Pulatus

A compendium of my first year’s work in time-lapse during 2010/2011.

Cameras: Nikon D700 and Panasonic Lumix GH1

Music > MachinimaSound – The Land of the Wizard



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