Découverte de ce petit prodige lors d’un Timelapse 🙂 et en voici un peut plus sur cette artiste oh combien atypique, qui à une musique douce et relaxante.

Valtteri Kujala was born in the Oulu, Finland, on April 14, 1991. He started playing the piano at very young age and later studied at the Oulu Conservatory, graduated in Theory of Composition and soon became one of the most renowed musicians. « My decisions and music are driven by strong emotions. What I have in my heart must come out; that is the reason why I compose. I believe that a lot of people can relate to my feelings – whether man, woman, young, old, white or black.. it doesn’t matter. »

Urmurmur stands for love, beauty and truth.

Happiness – A short film by Valtteri Kujala (Harley Davidson meeting in Caritas, Oulu)

Film production team: Valtteri Kujala (music, director, casting, equipment, editing), Jere Pellikka (2nd cameraman), Joonatan Nikula, Jenna Pellikka, Topi Kujala (« The Terrier ») // Video was filmed in Finland, Sweden and Norway in 2011.

Download Cirque Du Silence song for free here > http://soundcloud.com/urmurmur/cirque-du-silence/download


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