Timelapse Inspiration #18

Petite précision, le tout premier timelapse de la série ci-dessous, est une pure merveille : régalez-vous !

Vivac from Yojavs

Said, dispuesto a hacer vivac, tendrá un sueño esa noche: fotografiar todo lo que ve a su alrededor.

Said, ready to go bivouacking, will have a dream tonight: taking photos all around.

> Music : Mario Gómez Calderón

un gran agradecimiento (thanks) a
Mario Gómez Calderón por la composición musical « Espacios » ©
Yolnda (vestuario, costume)
Otmar por el movimiento de rápel

Thanks for the likes!

A Pittsburgh Spring from Zachary Smith

A series of time-lapses in Pittsburgh throughout Spring 2011. There is Super8 footage as well.

> Music: Harlan Twins – I Can’t Be Blue In Bloomfield

Puerto Rico Timelapse Reel 2011 from Stephan Chaikovsky

This is a collection of the best timelapses that I shot over the course of a week long trip to Puerto Rico in March. Unfortunately, the quality of the video suffered because I was restricted to recording to only a small amount of room on my SD card. Expect a summer timelapse reel sometime in August. Enjoy! Shot on an M30, edited in FCP7, and color graded in Magic Bullet Looks.

> Music : Inception soundtrack.

Nature v2.0 – Rogaland from Andreas Hille

My second try on a nature timelapse.
I’ve been all over Rogaland, trying to capture interesting things. Started out with my trustful 400D, but eventually I got myself a 5Dmk2. Very easy to see which ones are shot with 400D.

Anyways, it has been really fun making the video. And it is good to see that my techniques has evolved since my last timelapse (2 years ago).

Places from the video:
Nærland, Hå, Obrestad, Viste, Arboretet, Sola, Bogafjell, Byberg, Li

Timelapse: San Francisco from Adonis Pulatus

We were in San Francisco in March for the 2011 Disposable Film Festival and took the opportunity to explore this wonderful city. It was a great pleasure for us to meet Carlton, Katie, Amber, Rebecca, Jamie and Carin from Disposable. You’re fabulous, Guys!

Celui-là n’est pas vraiment un timelapse, mais les images sont jolies.

Closer to Gold from Ben

Closer to Gold. The name is based on the song of Garry B. named ‘Closer’. The video was made early in the morning when the sun is coming up. There was gold in the air. Beautiful reflections of the sun on objects. Nature on it’s best! In dutch we say: « De morgenstond heeft goud in de mond », what means something as « Dawn has gold in his mouth ». Google translator made the sentence: The early bird catches the worm.

> Music : Garry B http://www.soundcloud.com/?garry-b

Moby – be the one. from Patrick Weir

Tallscreen video best watched on an iphone, ipad or fullscreen on your computer.

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