[vintage music] #2 – Louis Armstrong – C’est si bon

« C’est si bon » is a popular song, sometimes also referred to by the English translation of the title, « It’s So Good ».

The music was written in 1947 by Henri Betti, the French lyrics by André Hornez, and the English lyrics by Jerry Seelen. It was originally recorded by the Belgian-German singer Angèle Durand, whose French version was a hit in Belgium, and then had another hit in Germany with her German version.

The song was popularized in English by Eartha Kitt in the 1954 film version of New Faces of 1952, and by Johnny Desmond. The Desmond recording was made on May 11, 1949, released by MGM,and reached #25 on the Billboard chart. Kitt’s recording was made in 1953, released by RCA Victor, and reached #11 on the Cash Box chart of best-selling records.

Source: Wikipedia

ou en HD sur YouTube ici > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFCS7kZwxug

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