Boys and Frogs

Boys and Frogs « In Dreams » from Boys and Frogs

Boys and Frogs « Manners » (live at Skye Bar in Peoria) from Derek Johnson

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« In Dreams » music video credits:

  • Written by Carissa Monee Encinas
  • Original Music by Michael Alexander
  • Directed by Daniel Emerson Williams
  • Artistic Director Carissa Monee Encinas
  • Camera Derek Johnson
  • Artist and Actor Eric Kasper
  • Dancer and Choreography Bree Burrell
  • Assistant Camera Nathaniel Walberer
  • Editor Derek Johnson
  • Co-Editors Danielle Billeaux, Daniel Emerson Williams
  • Editing Supervisor Carissa Monee Encinas
  • Lighting Designer Terry Kaleta
  • Makeup and Dress Design Jessie Tully
  • Human Teeth Jeweler Ashley Fair
  • Human Teeth Collector Hannah Sorensen
  • Produced by Carissa Monee Encinas


  • Stephanie Alejandro
  • Shannon Alexander
  • Ashley Beatty
  • Jonathan Hernandez
  • Chris Labadie
  • K.C. Lindley
  • Mei Lu
  • Rikki Parren
  • Aaron Robinson
  • Hannah Sorensen
  • Danielle Toglena
  • Christopher Tucker
  • Jessie Tully
  • Briana Vine
  • Nicole Young

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