Canal Street Blues ~ Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band

Another Hot tune entitled, « Canal Street Blues » performed by The Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band at the NEW

  • FIRST ANNUAL Wine & Hot Jazz Bash that happened in Prosser, Washington.
  • It was a delightful Traditional Jazz & Dixieland Jazz Music Festival on the weekend of April 20th, 2007.

Personnel on this song are as follows:

  • Bert Barr (cornet)
  • Tom Jacobus (trombone)
  • John Goodrich (clarinet and bass sax)
  • Jim Buchmann (alto and bass sax)
  • Rose Marie Barr (piano)
  • Art Horgen (tuba)
  • Al LaTourette (banjo)

Sitting in with the band are:

  • Dan Comins (cornet)
  • Karl Walterskirchen (washboard)

Drop in on the Uptown Lowdown website for info about their upcoming gigs and to purchace CD’s.

source: Jazz music song videos

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