The Walking Dead – Opening

THE WALKING DEAD « Opening Titles » from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

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« We are arriving at that unique moment in time where the
term « fan-made » becomes moot. This is extraordinary. »

– Damon Lindelof, Executive Producer, LOST

« Kudos to Daniel Kanemoto for his terrific fan version of
THE WALKING DEAD opening titles — they rock big time! »


My favorite « exclusive » from this year’s Comic-Con was a beautiful painting by legendary artist Drew Struzan, featuring a horde of zombies from THE WALKING DEAD. Frank Darabont is adapting the apocalyptic Image Comics book created by Robert Kirkman, and man, it looks really, really great.

As I was admiring Struzan’s work of art, I wondered what the opening titles to this terrifying new television show might look like… so I animated a spec title sequence using artwork ripped from the pages of the comic, originally illustrated by Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore.

Just so there’s no confusion, I’m not affiliated with the production in any way — I’m simply a huge fan of both Frank Darabont and Robert Kirkman, and this is my attempt at creating a cinematic introduction to one of the all time great « continuing stories of survival horror. »

THE WALKING DEAD premieres on October 31st on AMC.


  • Animated by Daniel M. Kanemoto
  • « The Walking Dead » Artwork by Charlie Adlard & Tony Moore
  • « Fresh Blood » Written & Performed by eels
  • Music Editing by Jeff Yorkes

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